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Few things can ruin a good mood faster than the sweltering heat. Combine that with sitting in traffic and you have a situation that has frustration written all over it. Although we can’t do anything to solve traffic problems on your commute, Century Automotive & Transmission in Richmond, Texas can repair your vehicle’s A/C system to ensure you stay cool and comfortable throughout your journey! Our ASE Certified technicians are climate control specialists and understand every hose, vent, fan, and blower that makes up fully functional air conditioning systems in all makes and models. That means when something goes wrong with your car’s A/C, we can fix it! If the air smells funny, doesn’t get cold, or doesn’t come out at all, our experts can perform repairs to solve the problem. Don’t let a broken air conditioner ruin your driving experience!

High-Quality Repairs

Some drivers may not realize that A/C problems can be very serious. When the air isn’t getting cold in your vehicle because of a leak, high temperatures aren’t the only thing our technicians are worried about. The chemicals used in most car’s climate control systems are corrosive and can cause serious damage to other components if they leak — not to mention they are also very harmful to the environment! Not only will your car need A/C repair to restore a reasonable temperature in the cabin, but additional repairs may be necessary to replace corroded parts. And these repair costs could quickly add up. Time is of the essence when it comes to A/C repair to avoid escalated costs, so don’t delay if you notice problems while driving your vehicle. If a leak is the source of the problem, we’ll want to perform repairs before further damage occurs! Always play it safe and visit our shop at the first sign of issues with your vehicle to avoid any complications.

Schedule A/C Service

Even if your vehicle’s A/C system is properly functioning at the moment, our technicians may still be able to give it a boost and postpone any potential failures. Maintenance service with one of our qualified professionals keeps all parts in good condition, so your vehicle’s air conditioning can continue running reliably. At Century Automotive & Transmission in Richmond, Texas, we stand behind our repairs with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. So if the repairs we perform on your A/C system don’t hold up, you can come back for service at no additional cost. For more information or to schedule your next service, call us at or use our online scheduling system. You don’t need an appointment to get repairs, so feel free to stop by our shop at your convenience. We are located at 811 Plantation Drive near James Bowie Middle School. We can’t wait to see you!