“It’s Hip to be Square”

At Least When It Comes to Wheel Alignment A survey of popular 1980’s music is sure to uncover the 1986 Huey Lewis and the News recording of “It’s Hip to be Square.” While Lewis intended it to be ironic, it became an anthem for people who felt they didn’t fit in socially. Regardless of what

Getting All the Angles on Wheel Alignment

Why your Tires Need Some Angle To Keep You Going Straight There are times when you’re on the road, and your car just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s pulling to one side, or there’s an unusual vibration when hitting certain speeds. If you haven’t had a wheel alignment in a while, there’s a good chance

When to Get Wheel Alignment

Watch Out for These Signs Want to take good care of your vehicle? Then you need to know when to get professional service! Drivers should watch for changes in their vehicle’s performance and condition to determine when it’s time for a visit to the experts. That’s why Century Automotive & Transmission in Richmond, Texas is