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Your brakes have a way of “talking” to you if you’ll only listen. Your vehicle’s most important safety feature is its braking system, and our brake repair experts know how to keep your brakes in optimal condition. We’ll inspect your brakes using the most advanced tools and technologies to diagnose and repair your brakes. Pay attention to these audible warning signs and act fast. Century Automotive in Richmond, TX is your best destination for thorough brake checks and complete brake repairs. The first warning sign that most drivers hear is a high-pitched squeal whenever they apply the brakes. This noise can be pretty annoying and quite embarrassing. If you ever feel hesitation about pressing the brake pedal because of the sound then your brakes need immediate attention. Your braking system’s brake pads were designed to give you this early alert when they’ve worn too low. Every brake repair will start with a quick and accurate brake check service.

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Our team is here to give you the best automotive counsel. We want your vehicle to be as safe as possible and that means making your brakes are respond appropriately to your foot. Brakes that are slow to engage after you press them are a road hazard. Also, brake pedals that are hard with some resistance are also dangerous. Your vehicle’s brakes are very important to the safety of you and your fellow passengers. Make sure your braking system is in the best condition possible by bringing them to Century Automotive. If you ignore your brakes’ early warning sign of a high-pitched squeal, your vehicle will soon become undriveable. The squeal will turn into a scrape that indicates the pads have worn through to the metal. Whenever your vehicle’s metal parts are touching and colliding, this leads to early breakdowns and costly repairs. Stop driving your vehicle if the brakes have worn to a metal-on-metal grinding. This is an emergency that will soon lead to part replacements.

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If you’re wondering about your braking system’s condition, chances are it needs an immediate brake check. Your brakes should be quiet and effective, but many drivers won’t bring their vehicle in for a brake inspection until after it’s too late. Drive with your windows down and car stereo off so you can hear the true condition of your brakes. Our brake repair experts can save you a lot of time and money by getting a look as early as possible. Century Automotive’s brake check service is always accurate and on time. Give us a call today at 281-633-8155 to schedule your next brake check appointment. Find out the truth, and save some time in the process by using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop in for a brake check inspection. We gladly accept all of our walk-ins!