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Is Your Check Engine Light On?

The small yellow warning indicator isn’t designed to instill panic — although that’s usually a driver’s first reaction when he sees it illuminated on the dashboard. A check engine light is really designed to alert the driver of a problem as part of the vehicle’s monitoring system. All you have to do is visit Century Automotive & Transmission in Richmond, Texas to find out what that problem is. We wish we could give our customers more information in advance of their visit to our shop, but with so many possibilities behind the warning light it’s difficult to say exactly what has caused yours to come on before performing full diagnostics. Once your vehicle is in the hands of our ASE Certified technicians, they use advanced equipment to decipher the trouble code from your car’s computer. It only takes a few moments to find out what kind of repairs your vehicle needs. Will it be a faulty spark plug or failing emissions system? Let our technicians give you the answers you need.

Engine Repairs

When it comes to engine repairs, quality is everything. A check engine light likely means a part will need replacement and to protect your vehicle’s value and optimal performance, it must be replaced with a high-quality part. Our team uses original equipment from vehicle manufacturers. That means the parts we put into your vehicle are just as good as the ones used in its original design. This protects your vehicle’s intended performance and ensures the repairs will last for thousands of miles to come. We perform dependable engine repairs for all makes and models, so visit our shop if your check engine light comes on to get a quality, long-lasting solution. We guarantee our work will solve your vehicle’s problem, and we stand behind our parts and labor with an industry-leading 3-year/36,000-mile warranty! If the parts we install on your car don’t last, return to our shop and we’ll correct them at no additional cost to you.

Schedule Your Repairs

If your check engine light is on, you don’t have to panic. This is simply a message from your vehicle to visit Century Automotive & Transmission in Richmond, Texas for professional engine diagnostics and repairs. We have the proper diagnostic equipment, experience, and high-quality parts to restore the condition of any vehicle with any mileage. No matter what sized repairs your vehicle needs, our team is up for the job. To ensure damage doesn’t worsen, visit us promptly after you notice your check engine light. Drop by 811 Plantation Drive near James Bowie Middle School or schedule an appointment at your convenience. Ignoring a check engine light will only make the problem worse, so don’t delay. We’ll be here when you need us, and we look forward to seeing you soon!