Wheel Alignment in Richmond, TX

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Preventative Maintenance Services

If you want to continue driving the best version of your vehicle, you have to take steps to protect it from normal wear and tear. It’s expected that your vehicle won’t stay in the same condition forever without professional maintenance services. That’s why shops like Century Automotive & Transmission in Richmond, Texas offer a full range of preventative options that keep your vehicle healthy. Among the most important services your vehicle needs to continue driving as it was designed is wheel alignment. This service ensures your vehicle’s wheels are properly positioned for a smooth, controlled driving experience. Proper wheel alignment is the key to ideal performance, maximum fuel efficiency, and minimum strain on important components. Because even a simple impact with a pothole could disrupt ideal alignment, it’s important to get it checked regularly with your trusted technician.

Do You Need Wheel Alignment?

You don’t have to visit the auto shop to find out if your vehicle needs wheel alignment service. If you’ve ever used a shopping cart with a broken wheel, you can imagine what it’s like to drive without properly aligned wheels. It feels like the car is tugging and pulling in another direction, making it hard to control your vehicle. Your car might drift to one side of the road, forcing you to constantly steer against it. This is not how a perfect driving experience should be! Your car should be able to drive straight without much effort from you. But once one or more wheels fall out of alignment, they make it harder for the vehicle to travel smoothly. The engine will work harder to power misaligned wheels, which may cause damage to internal components. Yet another effect of driving with poor wheel alignment is tire wear. Look for signs of accelerated or uneven wear on your vehicle’s tires. This means your car needs service to correct the issue!

Schedule Your Next Service

Have you noticed any of these signs of poor wheel alignment while driving your vehicle? If so, you’ll want to visit the ASE Certified technicians at Century Automotive & Transmission in Richmond, Texas quickly to correct the problem. Continuing to drive on misaligned wheels will only cause more damage to your vehicle and that means increased repair costs later on! Get the solutions you need and continue driving the best version of your vehicle. We accept all makes and models at our shop for service. Schedule an appointment or stop by in your free time for walk-in service. Find us at 811 Plantation Drive near James Bowie Middle School. We look forward to your visit!