When to Get Wheel Alignment

Watch Out for These Signs

Want to take good care of your vehicle? Then you need to know when to get professional service! Drivers should watch for changes in their vehicle’s performance and condition to determine when it’s time for a visit to the experts. That’s why Century Automotive & Transmission in Richmond, Texas is sharing these five signs of poor wheel alignment. If you notice any of these issues with your car, visit our shop for service!

Vehicle Pulling

Perhaps one of the most dangerous symptoms of poor wheel alignment is vehicle pulling or drifting. If your car doesn’t travel in a straight line without you fighting the steering wheel, that’s a problem! Your car shouldn’t drift into another lane on its own will. With good wheel alignment, vehicles have great straight-line driveability!

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Are you visiting the gas station more frequently? Is it because you’re driving more or is it because your car is consuming more fuel? Poor wheel alignment forces your car to work harder and consume more gas. If you don’t correct the problem, you’ll keep overspending on fuel and leave your engine susceptible to serious wear.

Tire Wear

A quick way to check on your vehicle’s health is to look at the tires. Is the tread worn out? Is one side of a tire more worn than the other? Is one tire more worn out than another? Uneven tire wear is a sign of misalignment. The suspension isn’t distributing the weight of your car equally over each wheel.

Bumping When Turning

When you take a corner in your car, does it feel smooth and effortless? Or does it feel like you are bumping your way through? Feeling bumps that aren’t from the road when turning is actually a sign of wheel misalignment! It means that the wheels aren’t working together for smooth handling.

Crooked Steering Wheel

Next time you are traveling straight down the road, take a glance at your steering wheel. Is it perfectly straight? If not, you need corrective service as soon as possible. Sometimes alignment happens over time, but it can also happen after an accident or hitting a pothole. That can be enough to throw things off center.

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Written by Century Automotive and Transmission

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